Asian Peninsula Corporation Limited : Significant rice exporter in Thailand.
Asian Peninsula Corporation Limited : Significant rice exporter in Thailand.
The Mark of Excellence in Quality Halal Certification

The Department of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Commerce of the Royal Thai Government has taken further steps to ensure that Thai Hom Mali Rice (Jasmine Rice) retains its international prestige as the best rice in the world.

By issuing the Quality Certification Mark, the Department of Foreign Trade guarantees buyers that they are receiving the genuine product that conforms to the highest standard of quality control.

The right to display this mark is granted only to those producers and exporters of Thai Hom Mali Rice who have followed a series of stringent inspections and procedures laid down by the Royal Thai Government.

APC has been awarded this right to display the Mark of Excellence in Quality for their Thai Hom Mali Rice.

With the expansion of the food industry and its development, the need to provide products that suit an ever-larger market is critical. For Muslims, food products carrying the Halal emblem is a must, and the company’s quest to be competitive has inspired the launch of APC Halal products.

APC has attained the Halal Certification for all products from the Islamic Committee in Thailand.

The Halal Certificate serves not only to promote the wide acceptance of the company’s products in Muslim markets, but is also clear proof of the company’s continued commitment of its management system.